Painting and other areas of creative expression really began to fascinate me as a teenager.  It wasn't until many years later that I began to find myself a niche as an artist.  With a little over ten years painting professionally, with the exception of a few years off to raise little ones, my work has had a chance to do lots of evolving.  My earliest works were mainly portraits of women- expressions of female beauty and empowerment. 

Today, most of my work is representational impressionism.  More than anything, what keeps my work collective is elements of color, texture and calming compositions.  I want for my art to give beauty to a space but not overwhelm it, which is a balance.  

I'm so fortunate to work doing something I love alongside raising a family up- which is in itself, an art form.  Aside from commission work, I'm also blessed to have my work hanging at a handful of local venues here in San Antonio.  Studio appointments may be made.  


For inquiries about commissions or collaborations please email at mary@marybarkercontemporary.com